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Reverse OsmosisMaster Reverse Osmosis
    The Master RO module consists of RO membrane,
storage tank, and faucet.  The entire RO system is usually
installed in the kitchen cabinet under the sink.  In addition,
hookup to your refrigerator ice maker is recommended.

    Drinking water purification is accomplished by Reverse
Osmosis.  This simple hydraulic process is found in nature
and utilized in the FormulaPlus RO technology to force water
through a semipermeable membrane that separates the clean
water at the molecular level from the majority of impurities.

    Replaceable RO membrane makes for easy maintenance
and dependable operation.  Automatic shut-off reduces
excessive discharge of water to drain.  Prefilter helps extend
membrane life and a postfilter polishes the filtering process to
improve taste.  Permanent housings are provided to receive
replacement cartridges periodically, depending on your water

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