Tommy Dorsey Water Conditioning

    Tommy Dorsey started in the water business in 1975 when he was still in Round Rock High School.  His first and only job was and still remains to this day the water conditioning business.

Round Rock, Texas     He started to work for the only water conditioning company
in Round Rock at the time, Matt-David Water Conditioning.
Some of you here in the local area will remember the name.
Tommy started out delivering salt making $1.90 per hour.  The
days were long and hot and the work was hard.  Back then the
salt was packaged in 100-pound bags. Tommy said he would
carry two bags at a time—one on each shoulder.

    It was not long until the owner, Mike Herzberg, realized he
had someone special on his hands.  He was impressed with
Tommy's work ethics and started giving him a $0.25 cent an
hour raise every three months.  Tommy advanced into the
position of installer.  He installed water softeners and learned
how to install all of the different types of equipment needed to
treat well water and other hard to solve water problems.  He
soon became an installer/service technician.  He then advanced
to Service Manager.  He remained Service Manager until
Matt-David sold out to the Kinetico Corporation in 1989.

    Tommy adapted to the changes taking place with the management and remained
highly respected in the company and his community. Finally he decided it was
time to stop working for someone else and start working for himself to make a
more stable future for his family.

    Tommy Dorsey Water Conditioning was born in 1993 and Tommy has grown his
business into one the most successful water conditioning companies in Central
Texas and he is highly respected by his competitors in the industry.  Tommy is
totally dedicated to customer service.  You have his name on it!

    You will be glad you did business with Tommy Dorsey Water Conditioning.

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