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Whole House FilterLegend Filter
    The Legend filter consists of a tank and automatic
backwash controller.  The filter can be used without a
softener installed and vise versa.  If one or more filters
are necessary for your water conditions, a Legend filter
may be configured in series with other Legend filters
and finally with the Legend water softener.

Water filtration is accomplished by water flow through
appropriate filter media.  The media is cleaned with an
automatic backwash cycle and the filtered contaminants
are flushed down the drain.

Seven different filters (medias) are available:
        (Carbon, Multi-Media, Greensand,
        KDF55, KDF85, Pyrolox, Calcite)

We can help you select the media pack available for
your particular contaminant symptom:

                    Operation of filter treats all the water used in the home.
                    The Legend RO system is ideal for quality drinking
                    water at a particular faucet.
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